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My Story

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist, Licensed Advanced Alcohol & Drug Counselor, Internationally Certified Advanced Alcohol & Drug, Certified Life Coach & Recovery Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, and a Consultant, with approximately 30 years of experience working in the counseling and recovery field in both the United States and the United Kingdom. 

I maintain a full-time private psychotherapy, life coaching, recovery coaching & hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles, California... and a small part time practice in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where I work with adults & teenagers, individuals, couples and families. 

I have past clinical experience working at the following agencies in the United States either as a consultant or therapist: The Power of Choice, The Life Healing Center, A New Journey Eating Disorder Center, Action Rehab for Adolescents, AIDS Project Los Angeles, AIDS Project Florida, and Camelot Therapeutic Care. Since 2018, I have consistently been an on- call psychotherapist working with models for GE-Projects productions. I have also presented at addiction conferences across the country on the following topics: shame, addiction, perfectionism, eating disorders, and self-care. 

I am also the co-founder of PieTherapyLA. Pie Therapy is a simple, fun and yummy introduction to baking with a therapeutic twist. This is a class that was “baked” by two well-seasoned therapists in the LA community, Sara Barthol and me, and one well known pastry chef, Clemence Gossett, to create a space for people to work on different personal challenges, such as anxiety and perfectionism, through the transformative experience of learning how to make pies.

These classes are offered to clinicians, clients, rehab residents, eating disorder center residents, sober living residents, and to corporate offices as a team building activity. Classes can be held at either the Gourmandise School of Cooking at the Santa Monica Mall or at a kitchen provided by the sober living home, rehab center, or eating disorder treatment facility. 


My Focus & Areas of Expertise:

Applying traditional & alternative approaches to overcome chemical addictions (such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco use) and process addictions (such as food, work, social media, sex)

Increasing resilience to trauma-either trauma recently experienced or trauma embedded in your past 

Diminishing depression and/or anxiety 

Reducing self-sabotaging behavior that keeps you stuck in the quick-sand

Setting healthier boundaries

Addressing challenges in family and/or couple relationships

Reducing people pleasing and other perfectionism behavior 

Increasing vulnerability/decreasing shame

Connecting to your life purpose by identifying and honoring your personal core values

Decreasing anger reactions to triggers while increasing a sense of being calm 

Increasing self-esteem/improving body image

Navigating life transitions

Social Media Pieces On The Private Healing Practice of Stacie Cox & Pie Therapy LA:


Voyage LA Interview: Meet Stacie Cox of The Private Healing Practice of Stacie Cox and Pie Therapy LA

Co-wrote "Overcoming Perfectionism: How It Drives and Perpetuates Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse”, Sober World Magazine, published in the June 2016 issue. Click here to download the pdf, or view the FlipBook Online version here.

Co-wrote “Overcoming Perfectionism and the Insidious Impact on Substance Abuse”, Keys to Recovery Newspaper, November 2015 issue. 

Click Here to read the article. (select the Nov 2015 issue) 

Featured Interview Live on Take 12 Radio

Click Here to listen to Stacie interviewed at the Evolution Of Addiction Conference in Los Angeles, CA. where she co-presented on Taming the Perfectionist Within: Overcoming Perfectionism and the Insidious Impact on Substance Abuse, Eating Disorders and Relationships. In this clip Stacie talks about perfectionism in the addiction world. Stacie also speaks about the Pie Therapy LA business she co-founds, and how these classes are offered in the substance use and eating disorder recovery communities.

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